Care & Maintenance

Kitchens:  Natural stone transforms the kitchen into an exceptionally attractive and durable living and workspace.  Your favorite ingredients and most trusted tools can seriously affect the stone and grout joints.  A quality stone care system minimizes stains from cooking oil, grease, vegetables, coffee and tea, etch marks from wine, vinegar, cola and critic acids, and scratches from sharp objects.

Bathrooms & Spas:  Luxurious baths and spas relax and rejuvenate you, and spacious elegant counter areas help start the day with ease. A stone care system that cleans and protects against hard water, cosmetics, soap scum deposit, and mildew will keep them looking and functioning at their best.  a full veneer natural stone look.

 Outdoors:  Exterior natural stone makes a positive first impression. When you incorporate a stone care system to maintain its quality and protect it against the elements, everyone looks forward to coming home. Water and moisture contribute significantly to decay, efflorescence, mildew, and algae. Wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycles cause the stone to loosen/blister and grout to crack.

Foyers & Living Areas:  Natural stone complements the areas where you entertain the most and display fine furniture and art. A comprehensive stone care system protects against food spills, dulling, scratches and other surface blemishes caused by daily wear from shoes and the tracking in of abrasive particles.



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