Natural Veneer Stone

Nothing enhances your home’s beauty like natural stone veneer. There are an almost infinite number of colors, sizes, and textures available to suit any architectural requirement. Fieldstone, weathered edge stone, river rock, and cobblestone patterns are just a few of the textures available.

Natural Thin Veneer (NTV) is an ideal choice when weight or space limitations exist. Thin veneer requires no footings so expensive foundations can be eliminated while still providing the appearance of a full veneer natural stone look.







Genesee Cut Stone & Marble Co. stocks over 40 varieties of full veneer stone and
has available over 32 varieties of Natural Thin Veneer (NTV) stone.


See our in-stock wall veneer stone varieties. Note that some styles are also available as NTV.

Natural Veneer Stone Samples

View close-up pictures of our in-stock natural wall stone.



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